Ghouls and Ghosts Remix

Ghouls and Ghosts Remix 0.36

Sir Arthur in the underworld

A remake of the classic Ghouls and Ghosts game with a mix of action from Ghosts and Goblins and Super Ghouls and Ghosts thrown in for good measure - hence the "remix" name.

Ghouls and Gosts is developed under GNU/GPL and is part of a free project that uses the allegro library. To run the game under Windows you need the allegro dll files from the developer website (copy it in your windows/system or windows/system32 folder).

Ghouls and Ghosts Remix


Ghouls and Ghosts Remix 0.36

User reviews about Ghouls and Ghosts Remix

  • JargonDragon

    by JargonDragon

    "Updated version 0.47 available."

    Gng remix is done cleverly. The monsters behave correctly and the difficulty is hard. I cannot believe how good the tra... More.

    reviewed on April 24, 2009